Version History

Current Version: 2.0.16. Released 4th March 2014.

Nape Downloads

Build types

Nape exists in 3 different build types:

To be used during development of games. This build contains extra logic that checks you are using the Nape API correctly and is invaluable in reducing development time and ensuring you have no bugs with respect to Nape.
Release builds remove all such API checks so that the best performance may be found. This built type should be used for FINAL builds and performance testing only.
Debug builds should not be used in general. This build type is very slow; containing tens of thousands of internal assertions whose purpose is to identify bugs internal to Nape. The only time this build type would be used, is if you feel you have discovered a bug.


Haxe users can make use of Nape via haxelib

// For core library.
haxelib install nape

// For hacks module.
haxelib install nape-hacks

// For symbolic module.
haxelib install nape-symbolic

Build types in Haxe are controlled by use of compiler flags.

This is the default build type.
Use additional flags -D NAPE_RELEASE_BUILD
Use additional flags -D NAPE_ASSERT


AS3 users must make use of Nape through the compiled .swc libraries, one per each build type:

When making use of modules, you must ensure the core library is linked first.

Core Library:

nape-dev.swc nape-release.swc nape-debug.swc

Hacks module:


Symbolic module:


Downloading Samples and Documentation

To download the Nape samples and documentation, you can download this entire website via github