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Nape is a powerful, fast, and friendly 2D Rigid Body physics engine for AS3/Haxe. Nape is open-source and free to use for personal and commercial projects. Available for AS3 through .swc libraries and Haxe via haxelib.


  • Rigid Body physics with Buoyancy and a variety of Constraints.
  • Convex-Polygon and Circle shape types.
  • Powerful, high-level Callbacks system.
  • Pixels as units of distance.
  • Continuous Collisions/Sensing to avoid tunnelling.
  • An API that reports errors when used incorrectly. (Error checking and reporting disabled for release builds.)
  • Automatic handling of sleeping/waking, no general need to ever wake a Body manually.
  • Friendly, expressive API that uses a lazy implementation to avoid excessive calculations.
  • Fast!
  • Memory conscious implementation, no GC activity when used correctly!
  • Numerically stable Geometric utilities including Convex Decompositions.
  • Ability to create new Constraints without modifying Nape source. Through the symbolic module, can prototype new constraints using a high-level language specified at run-time.
  • All positional-constraints, including user-defined ones can be made elastic or stiff.